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    Hillary Clinton's Next Job

    Hillary Clinton’s Next Job

    Clinton did seem to leave the door open to an eventual return to politics, though she’s said on other occasions that she has no interest in reliving 2008.

    Five of D.C.’s “Female” Power Brokers

    I help the first lady get the word out about her work on issues such as childhood obesity and military families. I do a lot of creative planning—I’ll work with a magazine that wants Mrs. Obama on the cover, or with a TV show like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, which we did recently to help a female war veteran build a home and resource center for others in need.

    Oprah Running Her "OWN" Network: Not As Easy As You Thought

    Oprah Running Her “OWN” Network: Not As Easy As You Thought

    Despite lukewarm ratings, Oprah has remained steadfast about seeing her network succeed. She said, “You have to be committed because, you know, I signed a deal. I’m going to do it.” She also said that she does not miss doing her old show everyday, though she does miss the audience.

    Council of Women World Leaders: The Way Forward

    Council of Women World Leaders: The Way Forward

    The Council of Women World Leaders marks its 15th anniversary this year, and there’s a long way to go before women reach parity with men at the highest levels of government. That’s all the more reason for women like Robinson, who have scaled those heights, to share what they’ve learned with the next generation.

    Mellody Hobson: The New "Gold" Standard in Business and Lifestyle

    Mellody Hobson: The New “Gold” Standard in Business and Lifestyle

    She also sits on several high-powered corporate boards, including Estee Lauder, DreamWorks, Starbucks and Groupon. In addition, she’s a trustee of the Sundance Institute and has been a frequent contributor on ABC. Oh, yeah, and she has had a five-year relationship with the creator of “Star Wars.”

    Young Career Women: Choosing Knowledge Over Money…At Least for Now

    Though young women in their late teens and early 20’s view today’s economic lull as an opportunity to upgrade their skills, their male counterparts are more likely to take whatever job they can find. The longer-term consequences, economists say, are that the next generation of women may have a significant advantage over their male counterparts, whose career options are already becoming constrained.

    Tech Women: 2011, A Big Year

    It’s been an incredible year for women. At the highest echelons, a flurry of executive change-ups ushered in new female faces to global leadership positions across industries. Women now oversee some of the world’s biggest companies, banks, media outlets and economies. And at the lowest levels, female protesters have come out en masse to demand their rights.

    Mother's: The New Innovation Outliers

    Mother’s: The New Innovation Outliers

    Fast-forward to today, and the term “mom inventors” yields about 290,000 results on Google. There is Ms. Monosoff’s own Web site, Mom Invented, which supports aspiring “mompreneurs” and licenses and sells products under the Mom Invented brand, a Good Housekeeping-like seal of approval.

    Carine Roitfeld: After Vogue, More Vogue

    She has collaborated with at least four fashion magazines, including V and W, and styled the clothing in advertisements for Chanel and Givenchy, all the while promising to start a new magazine of her own.

    Bonnie Hammer: Cable T.V.’s “Fixer”

    A decade later, Ms. Hammer has ridden that resolve and those instincts to a position of enormous influence and financial power in cable television. If cable is king, Ms. Hammer, chairwoman of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, is cable’s queen and, since the departure of Judy McGrath from Viacom last May, possibly its most important executive.

    Hispanic Woman Slowed By Economic Downturn, Yet They Are Still Climbing

    Hispanic Woman Slowed By Economic Downturn, Yet They Are Still Climbing

    “Being Hispanic and a woman, you do have to be twice as good,” said Ms. Ortiz, U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. As such, the role of diversity and affirmative action programs remains vital. Three quarters of this year’s respondents say they have benefited from such initiatives.

    Rise of the “Chinese Business Woman”

    These women offer a solution to a cutthroat war for talent in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. One recent survey showed that 40 percent of employers in China had difficulty finding the right talent to fill openings, a 25 increase percent since 2009, while 92 percent of the companies in another survey say their competitive power is “affected” by the shortage of key talent. Yet few employers have maximized the potential — or realized the power — of China’s “white-collar” women professionals.

    Irony: A Woman in Charge of Saving Europe

    Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, a central player in efforts to rescue Europe’s single currency, on Friday ruled out a rapid solution to the euro zone’s debt crisis, comparing the process to a runners’ marathon and saying it could take years.

    A Little Creativity: Now A Lot of Money

    Ms. McEvoy, 61, now has her own line of beauty products carried in about 250 stores in the U.S. and Europe. She also co-owns a skincare center and beauty studio with her dermatologist husband, Dr. Ronald Sherman. The New York entities combined have more than 500 employees and generate just under $100 million in annual revenue.

    Still A Dearth of Women at the Top

    Still A Dearth of Women at the Top

    What is holding women back in the workplace? And how can those restraints be broken? Vikram Malhotra, chairman of the Americas at McKinsey & Co., told the Women in the Economy conference what insights into those questions his company discovered in its latest research. The Wall Street Journal’s Alan Murray then discussed those findings with Harvard University economics professor Claudia Goldin; Saadia Zahidi, director of the Women Leaders and Gender Parity Program at the World Economic Forum; and Nancy Carter, head of research at Catalyst Inc. Here are edited excerpts of Mr. Malhotra’s address and the discussion that followed.

    Choose: A Great Job or A Great Family - Can You Have Both?

    Choose: A Great Job or A Great Family – Can You Have Both?

    I read an article by a prominent business success leader (as described in the intro) who said success required sacrifice: time and chutzpah and really prioritizing one’s worklife (if you can recall this article, please let me know). Then Clay Shirky recently wrote a highly controversial post ranting about women and their lack of taking risks. And though I think Clay was partially right (the more risks I take and the more chutzpah I have, the better I’ve done), women just aren’t socialized to be that public and it’s partially because we spend so much time taking care of our private lives.

    Using the "Sun" for Power and Making Lots of Money Doing It

    Using the “Sun” for Power and Making Lots of Money Doing It

    One outlier female entrepreneur is Lynn Jurich, 32-year-old co-founder of SunRun, a residential solar company in San Francisco that she projects will have $385 million in revenue this year. Jurich spoke recently with Smart Answers columnist Karen E. Klein about leading the four-year-old startup, improving management skills, and learning from employees.

    Three Nobel Prizes: Three Similar, but Different Women

    Three Nobel Prizes: Three Similar, but Different Women

    The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded Friday to Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman of Yemen for their work on women’s rights.

    Women: Stay Focused, Get Aggressive

    Women: Stay Focused, Get Aggressive

    Sandberg, in a lengthy interview with Patricia Sellers, editor-at-large of Fortune, talked not just about why women aren’t leading startups, but why there aren’t women at the top of more Fortune 500 companies. Here’s some of what she had to say:

    Women in Business: Still Obstacles for High-Growth

    Women in Business: Still Obstacles for High-Growth

    But while they have broken through multiple glass ceilings, many women still find that glass “walls” keep them from venturing outside of academia or corporate positions into entrepreneurship.