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  • G A M E C H A N G E R S

    Megalomania and Euthanasia

    He’s dying slowly and finally, he gets his piece of the business- he is no more, and we love it.

    How To Start Your Start

    Are you willing to do this for your dream?

    Kiva: Changing the Face of Finance

    A lot of other work goes into delivering a breakthrough solution.

    “Freshii’s” Fresh Perspective on Food

    Matthew Corrin’s five-point manifesto for running Freshii.

    Yahoo’s New CEO: What You Should Do Now

    Most people think of a career trajectory as a sloping line. Really, it’s a step function.” She went on to tell him: “When you’re ready to take the next step or take on more responsibility, you should start doing your job at the next level.”

    Lincoln: The Best Politician Ever?

    The most astute professional politician the country has produced.

    • Upstart: Tech/E-Commerce

    • Online Tracking: Taking It To Another Level

      Online Tracking: Taking It To Another Level

      The use of real identities across the Web is going mainstream at a rapid clip. A Wall Street Journal examination of nearly 1,000 top websites found that 75% now include code from social networks, such as Facebook’s FB +1.91% “Like” or Twitter’s “Tweet” buttons. Such code can match people’s identities with their Web-browsing activities on an unprecedented scale and can even track a user’s arrival on a page if the button is never clicked.

    • Anatomy of an Effective Call to Action

      Don’t settle for a ho-hum call to action. Boost your conversion rates by implementing these essential elements of a high-converting design.

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    • Upstart: Career

    • Can You Fire Your Boss?

      Can You Fire Your Boss?

      “You have to be aware of yourself and what you’re contributing to a situation in relation to the manager,” Smith advises. Your assessment should also include understanding your manager’s key strengths and weaknesses and how they may effect your plot to remove him or her.

      “You might feel like you’re irreplaceable but maybe your manager has tenure or a more specialized skill. Then push comes to shove, they go with the manager,” she notes. “So assess the situation and be fully aware of your skills, contributions and how relevant they are to your company. That will inform your plan.”

    • Now Hiring: Before You Do, Do This

      Now Hiring: Before You Do, Do This

      If everyone loves your preferred candidate, something is wrong. No hire is perfect and there should be some dissenting voices around the table. What are the candidate’s weaknesses? They may not be critical but they must exist and it’s better to identify them (and figure out how to accommodate them) early.

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