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  • About Upstart

    Find Your Future,

    and Breakthrough

    Upstart offers opportunities for 20-40 year old business professionals to look at how America and the rest of the world does business; look at America’s business culture and ethics, and our role in globalization with far more respect, responsibility and twenty-first century perspective than their predecessors.

    We focus on the Emerging Leader; those businessmen and businesswomen, who are about to or who are already making a significant impact within local, domestic and global business.

    Our purpose is to ready the associate, new manager, manager and director aspiring to the executive ranks for what their new job will bring, and continuously and effectively prescribe the principles, processes and skill-sets for 20-40 year old professionals to eventually lead. Upstart also has specific and  timely information for entrepreneurs to start-up or run their current businesses.

    This enterprise will allow us to think about how individually and collectively, present and future generations can scrutinize, reject, filter, debate, integrate and proactively participate in personalizing a new American business landscape, while also considering how globalization and corporate responsibility play peripheral, yet significant roles in this new business model?

    I hope you find this undertaking vibrant and valuable – without a moment to spare, welcome to Upstart, Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals.

    Calvin Wilson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer