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  • Is It Time For America To Become Something Else?

    Everyone’s at fault – both American citizens and leaders.

    There might be some hyperbole to the title, but I believe the damage America is doing to itself, by not reconstituting into a twenty-first century benchmark-defining machine: could possibly relegate it to a peripheral position on the world stage, which is so unnecessary, which is troublesome for democracy, human rights and innovation, while the apocalypse of a great nation seems like something that its leaders and constituents are emboldening, as opposed to frantically reversing.

    Here’s the interesting thing: everyone’s at fault – both American citizens and leaders.

    American citizens are at fault for assigning their destiny to those, who have no real interests in their well-being – in advocating for leaders, who are only concerned with the next election cycle, as opposed to how they can lift all the boats of a still great nation.

    Leaders are at fault, because they exploit an indifferent and overstressed population, by offering more noise and more vapor, yet never any real solution — especially those that make them vulnerable in the next election or  questioned in the shareholder meeting. Most leaders are rarely thinking of the process of problem identification and long-term solution: they are in a voracious search for more money and individual opportunity – their own — money and opportunity that they receive as a result of relationships, not performance.

    The Wrong Conversation: Americans and their leaders remain loyal to the wrong conversation. A conversation that never looks at the real thing, because then we all will have to be accountable for our fate — responsible for what’s not happening, so we lie and do nothing – and we’ve become conditioned to settle for leaders, who do the unthinkable and  conditioned even more to American citizens, who continue to do nothing about their leaders who do nothing.

    The right conversation starts with taking the money out of the conversation – and base it on performance and value. America is a compromised machine — a broken hydraulic. We are rewarding ourselves and each other based on obsolete metrics, and we know it – – and still: nothing. So the real conversation about how we got here and the way forward would pin too many people on the wrong side of blame, in terms of their what they know and still haven’t done to fix the looming catostrophe, so we defer or deflect the right conversation to another day: it’s our subtle way of never having the conversation at all.

    The Right Storm: the problem with intentionally having the wrong conversation,  is that America – the world for that matter, faces unprecedented man-made and natural possibilities that on the low-end, are catastrophic – on the high-end, are game changers. American citizens and their leaders have both doubled-down on continuing the no-plan plan, and there are going to be consequences, whether America fortifies its interests or not. America should look at IBM, and how they’ve repurposed themselves into a twenty-first century juggernaut, after being an aging old lion: America needs to repurpose itself – redefine itself and simultaneously become the America it used to be – and the America it should be now.

    As the leader of Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals, I am not trying to be this ominous force upon the American hour: I am trying to awaken us not only to the potential damage, but to how much of our solution is not only immediate, but doable – that we can fix the damn thing now: we just have to see the right thing – talk about it the right way – and be serious and actionable about the business of “America building.” That might be the right conversation — what’s the alternative?

    Good Luck.

    Calvin Wilson
    Founder and CEO
    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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