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  • Why Leadership Is Overrated

    People are more weary of just listening to one voice; challenging the status quo is becoming the norm.

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    Now, before you complain that I have NO idea what I’m talking about and that saying that leadership is overrated is asinine, understand that I’m trying to capture your attention…1st objective accomplished.

    Advocating the idea that leadership is not important is indeed absurd. However, how leadership is implemented during these times has to be

    Courtesy: Andrey Kiselev/PhotoXpress

    re-examined. The days of one person screaming orders from the mountaintop and requiring others to follow is no longer in the playbook or….even acceptable. With the advent of various technological outlets, people find their leadership and/or direction through many different facets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.), and often times it’s not clear where the true leadership is coming from.

    Recently there was a major crisis in Cairo, Egypt where the masses stood up against a dictatorship and the credit was awarded to Facebook as the reservoir for gathering the dissent and organization. While the CEO of Facebook has been praised for his company’s involvement in the crisis, are we sure that his sole leadership was responsible for the immediate success of the Cairo, Egypt crisis? Or was it the “consensus” effort that positively impacted the crisis? Some have even said that it was the effort of an IT executive from Facebook that choreographed the uprising.

    The point here is that “leadership” can be vague, at best, and to say that leadership has to come from one person or even one entity is no longer popular science. Gathering consensus and feedback, empowering others to help in the leadership process can be established by “a person.” Whether we call that person a “leader” for building the consensus is up to debate, but it’s clear that the decision to act is from the collective. Today’s true leader, whether it’s leading a country or corporation, has to be humble enough to know that true leadership comes from the input/consensus/group think of others and that the “One-Man” directional approach is no longer effective. (That’s why dictatorships are now being overthrown.)

    People are becoming more weary of just listening to one voice for their direction/ information, and challenging the status quo is becoming the norm. Sure, everyone has their favorite news medium that they follow each day. However, there is a push to explore both sides of an issue which is not only prudent, but intelligent. The old saying that people are “sheep” in some cases is still true, but that sentiment is changing because of how we are now evaluating our leaders and observing the obvious flaws that come from one form of thinking.

    My title “Why Leadership Is Overrated” was indeed an attempt to get your attention. I’d like for you to rethink how you look at “leadership” in its true essence and then we can come to a consensus (see how I’m implementing the word)  about how we evaluate “leadership” in our so-called leaders and continue to move forward.

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    About the Author: Domestic/International Sales Management, Global Training/Product Marketing, and Project Management are a few key senior executive roles Andre' has held in his 24 years of professional experience. With a passion and opportunity to lead national and global sales teams, he has built and developed sales organizations that addressed untapped markets, conducted customer segmentations, and uncovered market intelligence to meet corporate objectives and goals. His leadership skills are broad with diverse positions that encompass building a sales organization from ground level, managing multi-million dollar budgets and leading numerous cross-functional teams. His skills and experience are all backed by a Green Belt Six Sigma certification. Visit his website at http://aharrell2000.wordpress.com.

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