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  • The Lombardi Rules – 10 Lessons For Entrepreneurs

    One of the greatest coaches of all time gives ten insightful lessons that entrepreneurs and business leaders can use every day to guide them to more victories.

    Through the recent Broadway hit, “Lombardi,” the words and wisdom of the legendary NFL football coach Vince Lombardi have re-surfaced and we are reminded of not only what a great coach he was, but a great teacher. If he were alive today, Master Yoda believes he could provide not only inspiration but lessons that entrepreneurs, the world over, could use to help them, not only in their fledgling businesses, but in their lives. My thanks to my brother John for providing me these words from his idol, which were adapted from Lombardi Rules: 26 Lessons from Vince Lombardi, so that I could provide them to you, my business warriors, seeking mastery and success!

    1) Ask Yourself Tough Questions
    Answer the question of purpose. Am I going to let my life be controlled by the crush of daily activities or will my purpose prevail over the demands that never cease to cry for attention.

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    About the Author: The "Entrepreneur's Yoda," Lonnie Sciambi is an advisor and mentor to small business owners. He is a business veteran with over 30 years of as an entrepreneur and CEO of small businesses, both public and private. Having had a fair amount of success, but also having made more mistakes than anybody's really allowed to and still be successful, he brings a unique viewpoint to help entrepreneurs get to "the next level" in their business, avoiding many of the pitfalls that they might face along the way.

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