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  • The Transformational Coaching Index

    Discover whether you are prepared to make transformational shifts in your business.

    Rank each of the twenty statement from 1 – 5 where “1” means this statement is totally false, and “5” means it is totally true. “3” means you are


    not sure.

    1. The purpose (of this venture) is powerfully compelling to me.
    2. I have clear objectives I intend to see accomplished, even though I may have no idea how.
    3. Although there may be rules in place, I make the rules.
    4. Wherever things are right now, I know where to start next.
    5. I am totally responsible for everything that happens in and around this venture.

    Complete the Self-Assessment

    Upstart Business and Management for 20-40 Year Olds www.upstartnation.biz

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    About the Author: Since 1995, Paul Lemberg has worked directly with the owners of around 150 “small businesses” from North and South America, Europe and Asia, ranging from solopreneurs and lifestyle businesses, to pre-revenue investor-backed startups, to mature businesses with tens of millions in sales. He has coached and advised them to achieve greater success, double and triple their profits, and sometimes grow their companies more than 10-fold. He has also worked with executives from dozens of Fortune-100 companies like Cisco, Goldman Sachs, Accenture, Adobe Software, Mass Mutual, and JP Morgan/Chase. Over the last few years, his private small-business coaching advisory clients have added more than $350 million in profits, the equivalent to over $1 Billion in extra sales from implementing Paul’s strategies and tactics. He has developed numerous services and products for entrepreneurs, including The Growth Strategy Workshop, Lead Landslide, FormulaFIVE, Blueprints to Profits, and the Getting Started in Business Course. His has written three books, including Faster Than the Speed of Change, Earn Twice As Much with Half The Stress, co-authored with Tom Matzen, and his latest, the business best seller, Be Unreasonable.

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