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  • Make Us Better

    The Upstart development team is continuously looking for new ways to make the site better. We are calling on evangelists and casual users to help us deepen the value of Upstart.

    Our goal is to become the number one business information portal in the world, in regards to insights, functionality, ease and relevancy for business leaders 20-40 years old.

    Every suggestion, even some good ones, will not be incorporated into the Upstart ecosystem for whatever reason, so don’t take it personally. We reserve the right to make sure any new ideas are specifically within our present and potential business needs, and embrace our multifarious and tolerant culture.

    Yet, many of the suggestions that you make, which are aligned with our mission, culture and values, and enhance our member experience, we will try to bring those things to life quickly, effectively and for “free.”

    There is no idea that is “unwanted” or “stupid”; we believe our community should tell us what they need, so Upstart can respond.

    To pass along ideas that you think would benefit the Upstart community, please send it to contact@upstartnation.biz.

    Please help us make Upstart better – after all it’s your future.

    Thank you.