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    Anatomy of an Effective Call to Action

    Don’t settle for a ho-hum call to action. Boost your conversion rates by implementing these essential elements of a high-converting design.

    "Blade Laptop:" Possible Gamechanger

    “Blade Laptop:” Possible Gamechanger

    The Blade gaming laptop looks like a notebook computer from the future, but it’s arrived at a prime time for PC gamers.

    Is Conversion Optimization the New SEO?

    Conversion optimization and SEO are often linked in the minds of website owners. In fact, the hype about conversion optimization has led some to believe that conversion optimization is the new SEO. But is that really the case?

    Online Tracking: Taking It To Another Level

    Online Tracking: Taking It To Another Level

    The use of real identities across the Web is going mainstream at a rapid clip. A Wall Street Journal examination of nearly 1,000 top websites found that 75% now include code from social networks, such as Facebook’s FB +1.91% “Like” or Twitter’s “Tweet” buttons. Such code can match people’s identities with their Web-browsing activities on an unprecedented scale and can even track a user’s arrival on a page if the button is never clicked.

    6 Ways to Improve Your Landing Page Headlines

    If your headlines are not grabbing your visitor’s attention, and compelling them to read more, your message will die prematurely. Here are 6 ideas to make your headlines stronger.

    Big Tech: Buy It, To Shut It Down

    Big Tech: Buy It, To Shut It Down

    The reality, however, is that many of these deals are more about HR than IP. They’re the acqui-hires: Transactions in which the primary assets changing hands are engineers.

    Facebook: Still Dropping (Told You So)

    Facebook: Still Dropping (Told You So)

    It’s a stunning reversal of fortune in a short period of time. Facebook is now the second-worst performer of all IPOs in the U.S. so far this year, says IPOScoop.com.

    What You Need to Know About Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly

    When it comes to optimizing website conversion, mobile devices often get overlooked. Sure, you have a mobile version of your site, but does it convert at the same rate as your primary site? If not, why not? As increasing numbers of web users turn to mobile devices for at least some of their browsing, you’ll […]

    Free Must Have "Mac" Apps

    Free Must Have “Mac” Apps

    So, if you’re reading this from a new Mac (hi!), you may be wondering: What free apps should you download for it? Or, if you’ve had your Apple computer for awhile, which freeware should you have already downloaded?

    Email Scamming: More Than Meets the Eye

    Email Scamming: More Than Meets the Eye

    But the “Nigerian letter” emails must work occasionally, or you wouldn’t still be receiving them. How can they possibly be effective? Researchers at Microsoft have studied that very question, and are now reporting that the fraudster’s preposterous prose is backed by solid business logic that underscores three important principles of effective advertising.

    Are Your Product Descriptions Costing You Sales?

    Product descriptions that convert must not only provide factual information, but also persuade the shopper to take action. If your conversion rate is suffering, your product descriptions may need new life breathed into them.

    Gladwell: Gates over Jobs

    Gladwell: Gates over Jobs

    Gladwell did not elaborate on why he believes Jobs’ legacy won’t endure, although he made some unflattering comments about the late Apple co-founder, who died in October 2011.

    Now That's Commitment

    Now That’s Commitment

    When he was no longer able to pay rent, he made the office his home. He kept clothes at the AOL gym, where he showered, slept on couches in several office rooms and grabbed snacks that were set out for everyone in the morning.

    Facebook IPO: "Shaky then Steady"

    Facebook IPO: “Shaky then Steady”

    For a week, the world went Facebook-crazy as the company’s initial public offering of its stock turned into a circus of fervor, greed, and—ultimately—alarm. When the stock finally began trading on Friday morning, it opened at $42 a share, $4 above the offering price of $38.

    Would You "Pay" for Email

    Would You “Pay” for Email

    Question: I want to move my email from Yahoo, but Gmail’s privacy issues scare me. What other options do I have for a reliable address independent of my Internet provider?

    Working at Apple: Clarity and A “Mission” on Day One

    The Instagrammer who posted the photo of the note included these words: “What greets you on your first day at Apple. I’ve had this taped to my dresser for two years. Words to live by.”

    Google Drive: Cloud-Storage on the "Go"

    Google Drive: Cloud-Storage on the “Go”

    Google Drive is rather simple: Similar to services such as Dropbox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Apple’s iCloud, Drive parks your data on Google’s servers. As with those other services, you can buy storage in tiers (starting with 5 GB free and climbing to a whopping 16 TB — that’s 16,000 GB).

    BuzzFeed: Intentionally Illegal?

    BuzzFeed: Intentionally Illegal?

    BuzzFeed, like Slate, is not immune from lawsuits under DMCA. As a consequence, BuzzFeed proprietor Jonah Peretti defends his site’s use of copyrighted images by arguing that they’re protected under “fair use.”

    A Live Demonstration of "Google Glasses" (Video)

    A Live Demonstration of “Google Glasses” (Video)

    Google engineer Sebastian Thrun, one of the primary Googlers in the secretive Google X lab that works on Project Glass, recently appeared on The Charlie Rose Show to talk about Google’s “glasses”; and as a special surprise, he became the first Google employee to appear in a video wearing a prototype of Google’s Heads-Up Display (HUD) specs, sporting the glasses set for the entirety of the almost 20-minute interview.

    Intel: First Chips, Now Smartphones

    Intel: First Chips, Now Smartphones

    Intel has announced the first ever smartphone using an Intel processor, heralding its entrance into the still-expanding smartphone market. The phone is called the XOLO X900 (catchy!) and it features a 1.6 GHz Atom processor, a 4-inch LCD screen, Android Gingerbread