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    Freedom (Kinda)

    Freedom (Kinda)

    Why would the United States want Egypt to be democratic, while really not wanting it to be democratic?

    European Central Bank (ECB) See’s Danger in Spain’s Response

    U.S. and European officials, who just weeks ago seemed to be getting a handle on the euro zone’s financial crisis, are now scrambling to prevent a new round of problems from pulling down some of Europe’s largest economies.

    The Evolving Appetite of Chinese Consumers

    Consumers in China are increasingly modern in their tastes, but they are not becoming ‘Western.’ How the selling of coffee, cars and pizza sheds light on a nation racing toward superpower status.

    Greece: Looming Catastrophe

    Political deadlock in Greece rattled world markets, reviving fears that the fractious Mediterranean country could spurn an international bailout, abandon the common European currency and risk a fresh round of world economic turmoil.

    Greece: Getting Some “Breathing Room” on Debt

    As another day passed with Greece no closer to a working government, European officials suggested Wednesday that they had a new tool in their mission to keep the shared euro currency with all its partners: time.

    French Elections: Nicolas Sarkozy”Non,” François Hollande “Oui”

    France—and, along with it, Europe and possibly the global economy—are about to enter a new and uncertain era. Socialist François Hollande has defeated French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The margin of victory was 52 percent to 48.

    Europe’s Downfall: The Lessons Learned

    Even after a lengthy financial crisis, the World Economic Forum ranks the United States as the fifth most competitive economy in the world, and it’s bigger than the first four combined. Whatever the United States is, it’s not Greece.

    China’s Markets: A Step in the Right Direction

    At a time of great political transition in China, the U.S. official said the Americans were pleased by the amount of progress achieved. But, the official added, China has a ways to go — including doing more to allow its currency to appreciate against the dollar, making U.S. exports more competitive; providing legal protections for intellectual property; and opening up its system to market-based forces.

    Spanish Banks: Putting Europe on the Precipice

    With three smaller European countries already receiving international bailouts, the larger economies of Spain and Italy have become the critical test of whether the euro region can revive its economy and avoid dragging down global trade and economic growth.

    Dutch: Losing Much More, by Trying to Save Much More

    Dutch: Losing Much More, by Trying to Save Much More

    The fall of the Dutch government sent European stock markets down sharply, with the German DAX diving 3.4 percent. U.S. markets were off more than 1 percent.

    Spain Becomes “Greece”

    Worries about Spain’s finances intensified Tuesday as the country’s bond yields on international markets rose despite expectations of a new round of austerity measures.

    Columbia:Becoming an “Emerging Market” Superpower

    The economic and demographic trend lines, he said, show that Colombia in a few years will surpass Argentina to become South America’s second-largest economy.

    France: Becoming the “Problem”

    Nobody has a serious agenda for reducing France’s eye-watering taxes. Mr Sarkozy, who in 2007 promised reform with talk of a rupture, now offers voters protectionism, attacks on French tax exiles, threats to quit Europe’s passport-free Schengen zone and (at least before Toulouse) talk of the evils of immigration and halal meat.

    Austerity: Doing More Harm than Good in Europe

    Euro zone unemployment just hit a 15-year high. German unemployment just hit a 15-year low. What can those of us across the Atlantic glean from this seemingly bipolar state of affairs? That austerity, every economic conservative’s favorite prescription for an ailing economy — the medicine Republicans here in the United States are pushing hard — is an utter disaster.

    German Economists: Women Leaders "Bad" for Business

    German Economists: Women Leaders “Bad” for Business

    After studying the track records of German bank executives from 1994-2010, the three dudes who wrote the paper found that “board changes that result in a higher proportion of female executives…lead to a more risky conduct of business.”

    Syria: Might be Close to A “Cease-fire”

    A diplomatic push to end the crisis has largely failed, but Ahmad Fawzi, a spokesman for Annan, said Tuesday that the Syrian government has accepted the envoy’s six-point plan to end the bloodshed. The plan includes a cease-fire and inclusive talks about a political solution.

    The Ever Changing Role of the "World Bank"

    The Ever Changing Role of the “World Bank”

    “Is there a clear goal for the institution at this point in time? I would say no,” said Amar Bhattacharya, head of the G-24 Secretariat, a consortium of emerging-market and developing countries. But he added that “there is not much appetite for real major change.”

    Detroit’s New Push in India

    With Western economies sluggish and China’s explosive growth beginning to taper off, India offers a mouth-watering alternative for car manufacturers, both in building and selling cars in the region.

    IMF: Agrees to Financing for Greece’s Bailout

    The International Monetary Fund agreed Thursday to contribute $36 billion toward the latest bailout of Greece, deepening the agency’s financial exposure to a country that has become one of its most difficult rescue projects.

    China Mobile: A Push Towards Significance

    China Mobile: A Push Towards Significance

    China Mobile is currently in talks to form a partnership with a new national cable TV operator being created through consolidation of China’s hundreds of regional cable TV companies—providing a serious new wire-based broadband competitor for Unicom and China Telecom.