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  • They Won’t See the Light: Let Them Feel the Heat

    I am sure as I have ever been that there is a solution: PAIN.

    Unfortunately, I been on this pain thing: that our leaders will not respond to reason, because there have not been strong enough consequences to their ineptitude – sometimes negligence, yet Americans continue to expect some progressive alchemy from these leaders.

    I am sure as I have ever been that there is one solution: PAIN.

    Political and business leaders need to be put into positions where they feel the same unsettling and vulnerable feelings as the rest of us, which I think will help them, as well as American citizens. Pain will force American leaders to stop being convenient with not only the solutions to revive the economy, deliver an expansion on jobs and foster international growth, but will force them to be accountable, which is what’s been missing. Current leaders have the ability to make  incredible mistakes, not be responsible for them — and somehow become considered as the necessary person to fix the problem they created.

    It’s time to do different.

    American citizens would benefit from dispensing some pain, because they would realize that they have more power than they’ve been willing to be responsible to an advocate for. America needs a brand new, thoughtful partnership between public, private and labor entities, and somehow find an ecosystem that works for all: that makes sense for all – one that avails capitalism, strong government and a twenty-first century workforce.

    We are out of time negotiating with our leaders to do what’s right: it’s time for us to deliver some blows – not blows for the sake of blows, but for the sake a revolutionary change that awakens this sputtering machine and forces us into the reality of our moment.

    Good luck.

    Calvin Wilson
    Founder and CEO
    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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