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  • Guerilla Tactics: Become A Marketing Beast

    Every new product marketer craves media coverage. How do you get it?

    Joshua Waldman is what you might call an online-marketing machine. He knows how to build and feed social networks as a springboard to opening doors and achieving results. What’s more, he’s willing to share everything he knows.

    When he realized that social media are the key to unlocking job opportunities, he wrote¬†“Job Searching With Social Media for Dummies.“When his book catapulted to the No. 2 position among Amazon.com business books and won features on CBS, ABC News, Mashable and mediabistro.com, as well as such publications as the Chicago Tribune and U.S. News & World Report, I asked how he did it. His answers provide a guide for anyone launching products in today’s networked world.

    Barbara Findlay Schenck: Every new product marketer craves media coverage. How did you get it?
    Joshua Waldman: My biggest asset was a list of 500 top bloggers and media people, segmented into 11 groups, so I could send different and appropriate messages to different people.

    Top bloggers don’t have time to read and review the books that are falling off their desks. Instead, they got offers for free guest posts. Mid-tier bloggers were offered a free review copy and also ¬≠– since they’re trying to draw traffic and build engagement — five copies for contests, turning the review request into a problem solution. Lower-tier blogs, which struggle with relevancy, were offered a book for review.

    And don’t overlook the 50 or so Internet radio stations that are struggling to get interviews, with hosts who are highly influential in creating product awareness.

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    Good luck.

    Calvin Wilson
    Founder and CEO
    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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