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  • Don’t Talk About It: Make It Happen

    I am highly confident that one thing will demand more of our attention in 2012: human behavior.

    It’s hard enough to explain the past. But predicting the future? The older I get, the less I bother listening to anyone who claims to know what stock markets, world politics, or even the weather will be like more than an hour in advance. (I still do carry a naïve belief that sometime in the future, the Cubs will win a World Series, but we all need religion.)

    That said, I am highly confident that one thing will demand more and more of our attention in 2012 and beyond: human behavior. Our economic, planetary, and even personal well-being rely more heavily on our everyday actions than on advances in science and technology. The most critical need today is what I call “accelerated diffusion of competence” to influence human behavior. In other words, we need many more people who are much better at helping people change for good. Consider the following indisputable trends and what role our behavior can play in influencing them.

    1. Economic growth in mature economies will be sluggish. This comes as bad news for business owners and leaders who depend on a rising tide to lift their individual boats. But it presents a huge opportunity for those who know how to engage employees in ways that differentiate their enterprises from those of competitors.

    For example, a custom-software house we’ve worked with in Detroit is growing at double-digit rates, while others in the area are declining just as fast. The key to its success? The founder created a culture of unsurpassed quality and customer intimacy from the ground up. The culture-shaping starts with interviewing job candidates in teams. Once aboard, employees don’t even get their own computers; management assigns them to work in twos; each pair shares a computer. Employees are also trained to raise sensitive issues with teammates and to hold others accountable. This distinct culture enables the company to surpass customer requirements, on time and on budget.

    Read Full Article in Bloomberg/BusinessWeek.com

    Good luck.

    Calvin Wilson
    Founder and CEO
    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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