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  • American Apocalypse: Fed Up, Just Not Enough

    We have the ability, the skill-sets and the experiences to miss the iceberg.

    In the American Apocalypse series Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals is framing not only the issues that place America at the precipice of economic, social and political society, but how we got here, and why we continue to be loyal to something not working, as so much begins to crumble around us. America is not Rome, not yet anyway, but there was a time when Rome was too arrogant, too distant from hard-truths and too indifferent to all their specific issues for course correction, and in that regard, America might now be outdoing Rome.

    I know as American citizens we want to blame business leaders and politicians about the state the country is in, and to a large degree you would be right, but there is someone, who shoulders even more blame than they do.

    You do.

    Yes you: because you and I are allowing these leaders to be capricious and negligent with our “now” and our sense of futurity, and no one is really considering how to do something about it.

    There comes a point where the people most affected by something, have to “participate in their own rescue.” The American people have been on the sidelines, regarding not only what’s been happening to American excellence – but what’s been not happening to reconstitute it, and if we are not willing to do something proactive – something committed- something gamechanging- something that has a plan – something smart and strong and long-term, then we should suffer peacefully.

    America the idea, as well as the American people – – need an upgrade – one that will not be given to them, but improvements and a new dynamism that they force upon themselves. The cavalry is not coming, and the sooner American citizens realize that, will help them capture their moment: the crossroads moment. The moment when a great percentage of the American citizenry simultaneously decides if they will go on as they do now, or consider another way, where their own facility, innovation and empowerment will be the rocket fuel, and be damned if they don’t get to create a twenty-first century infrastructure, a collaborative economy, a retrained and redeployed workforce, an education system that is world class and generations of entrepreneurs.

    Americans have the ability, the skill-sets and the experiences to miss the iceberg: is there the willingness to do different?

    I hope that the American people do something, and do something now – for themselves: I am just not sure of a progressive alternative if they don’t.

    Good Luck.

    Calvin Wilson
    Founder and CEO
    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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