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  • The American Dream: The Drain Gets Bigger, As We Get Smaller

    It’s a symbol of who we’ve become: of who we should have never become.

    The water is dripping and we’re transfixed: just looking in awe – at the consistency – – at the precision of the drip – and we can’t look away. It’s a symbol of who we’ve become: of who we should have never become.

    That’s what’s seemingly happening to the American economy. American leaders are paralyzed by the slow-drip of dissipation, not realizing or considering that just a short time ago, there was no drip at all, and now most of us are vulnerable like never before. American and global leaders are befuddled by this disastrous event of possible financial contagion, and their analysis and eventual answer to the drip, always leads to a solution, which requires the same behavior that created the drip in the first place.

    The American economy especially – seems seduced by the drip – by the blop-blop noise of the water striking the rim of the drain, and still nothing. And as we marvel at the pristine ruthlessness of the uncontained drip – suddenly – and without warning – the drip because larger and more rapid — why?

    America has very few plumbers anymore: we only have salesmen that work in the mall or on Capitol Hill or in the White House, who sell bathroom fixtures – who get paid by how many fixtures they sell – not the quality of their offering, but mostly, those, who do not have the willingness or expertise to fix the leak. Our problem is that as we exercise and exhaust temporary and rudimentary measures to fix the drip – the drip gets worse, and we start to panic – and panic never fixes anything: panic always makes the thing worse.

    So while we wait for master plumber’s to somehow appear out of vapor, as opposed to current leaders declaring a national call to our best and brightest – the water begins to race and spray everywhere – and with the American economy in its own deep malaise, bordering on a second-dip recession, and Europe – with its over-exposed debt and hemorrhaging financial institutions – bordering on catastrophe: world political leaders, still have not convened to create an immediate and serious “global plan” for addressing all the primary and peripheral issues to create stability and growth in world markets, so nothing happens – and a one-time drip, is teetering on becoming a full-blown downpour. The real problem – we are looking up at the water drenching us, and ignoring the ever-growing hole of the drain, which we are about to fall through.

    So I wonder: did the mouth of the drain get bigger to circle-around and eventually fall through, or did American gravitas and excellence get smaller, which just makes the drain look bigger?

    I think both: because we don’t have political or business leaders that have assumed a sincere and inconvenient leadership: a leadership of truth – of the right conversation – leadership of following evidential solutions, not matter where they lead. American choices and opportunities are dwindling, which make us smaller, and by producing and offering the perfunctory non-solution solutions they give us – the drain gets bigger, because there’s nothing reversing the water flowing down:  we don’t realize  that our leader’s best actions are opening the spigot more, than closing it.

    Leaders or plumbers: Americans need some people of all persuasion to step forward that can create a public and private partnership, and develop an encompassing economic and jobs plan that looks at both immediate and long-term measures, and do so through the rigor and the performance of realizing, that this might be our best shot: for many Americans, the very last one in their lifetime.

    Good luck.

    Calvin Wilson
    Founder and CEO
    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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