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  • A Little Bit of “Red Sox” in All of Us

    There’s a fine line between panicking and pivoting: the Red Sox got stuck in the middle – and it cost them.

    The second highest paid team in all of professional sports: and the most epic collapse – maybe in the history of professional sports – what happened to the Boston Red Sox?

    Well, nothing – and that’s problem.

    There’s a fine line between panicking and pivoting – and the Red Sox got stuck in the middle – so they did nothing – they neither panicked, nor pivoted, and now they are going home to watch the playoffs, as opposed to playing in the playoffs.

    The first to thing to do when meeting adversity – calm down: don’t asses what’s happened — this is not the moment of due-diligence, you will have that time – but hyper-focus on the solution. Yes, I know – easier said than done, but remaining calm and if a leader within the situation, displays calm, it will show everyone else that either the matter is under control, or a solution is at hand.

    Play the Tape – Go back to when you first got in trouble – what happened – how different is that from when you had success – how about the details – – the small things – have they been cared about like always? You will see that there was either a subtle or monumental deviation from what made us successful – why did that happen – what’s the steps to correct it – – what’s the willingness to let the evidence lead to a solution, even if that might be inconvenient for everyone.

    Adjust to Events – Okay – it’s going down, and all hell is breaking loose. You have to be calm, focused and determined enough to make it through. Second, you have to know if you can still use the same skill-sets that you have been using to get to this point, or do you need to incorporate something else — you might have to give up your “safety to get your solution.”

    Move Slow – Again, don’t panic, but incrementally identify your performance gaps, and slowly fill those gaps with reconstituted old stuff, or totally brand new stuff – but fill it with the opposite of what you’ve been filling it with that got you in this mess.

    Haul Ass – Don’t panic, but move. Sometimes someone has to do something unique – something that charges everyone – – something that gets the adrenaline flowing, so you can not only move, but respond. The more the situation gets worse,  the more we become paralyzed. You need to blow it up – and fight, and get to a new inflection point, where you discover the voice and rhythm of your old success, and you can only do that by staring down what’s impeding you now – while being willing to address that very thing as a measure to your solution.

    Play to Win – The reason you got into trouble in the first place: you started measuring effort, as opposed to results. Anytime you do this, you are hoping for an outcome – waiting for your destiny to be determined from somewhere other than yourself. Throw the damn ball and make a play. I would rather lose, while going for the win, as opposed to losing, because I trusted someone or something else to make a play for me, which never happened. There’s no success without risk, vulnerability and unexpected — unwanted adjustment.

    We all have a little bit of Red Sox in us.

    Katya — trust what you know — and go for it  — I am with you.

    Good luck.

    Calvin Wilson
    Founder and CEO
    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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