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  • The Week: What I Think I Think

    We have a hole in the boat – and our captain and his mates – – are nowhere to be found.

    Panic and Crisis: that’s all we hear about coming from Washington D.C., which illustrates the Jekyll and Hyde personality of America’s

    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

    current economic moment.

    I think America has definitely entered, one of, if not its most precarious moments, where it really does not have strong solutions to address job and economic growth, or how to immediately and for the long-term, reduce borrowing dependence from other countries to maintain its basic interior infrastructure.

    The irony is that many of the same people that have developed and been wedded to the debilitating policies, are the one’s taking absolutely no responsibility for the events they created – so much so — that a job crisis – an economic crisis – is treated as no crisis as all — it’s a spending crisis, which is no crisis at all — that’s only a perceived crisis. It’s all noise: a conspicuous ruse, because for all the belaboring of their own leadership, they have shown no viable idea or example of how to implement and expand economic and job growth: it’s a scam.

    This is the summer of  absentia. Congress went home right after a debt ceiling debate, which should have embarrassed them a lot, while president Obama went off on a quixotic bus tour of Iowa, which fooled no one that he was campaigning — while the country was simmering with fear, anxiety and frustration – with the unambiguous understanding that, we have a massive hole in the American boat – and our captain and his mates – – are nowhere to be found.

    It’s a symbol of what’s wrong with America currently: most of the people, who are asked to fix the American engine, have felt none of the consequences of the engine being broken, because they have always had two or three cars — many of them have personal drivers, but for the rest of us — a broken engine, means no work — no food — no mortgage: there’s an absence of reality and a glaring lack of connection between American leaders and the people they serve.

    Very few political or business leaders have lost jobs, and none have lost money, so what is the incentive for them to be urgent – to be in the weeds until they come up with a solution for the American people: political leaders have the only job that when everyone else loses – they still win, which is why we get erratic meanderings, instead of both immediate and long-term solutions.

    I’ve seen people, even here at Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals , who make mistakes and take responsibility to correct their error, and illustrate the path of failure, recovery and upgrade, so the mistake can be avoided in the future and even turned into an opportunity – but American political and business leadership has abdicated – – does not see itself as the main perpetrator of Wall Street running wild, of brazen mortgage lenders, of an autonomous health care system and of hyper consumer-consumption.

    And now there is a hole in the boat, and our captain might be anywhere else at this moment, except on the boat he is supposed to be expertly commandeering.

    This is no way to lead.

    Good luck.

    Calvin Wilson
    Founder and CEO
    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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