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  • “The Disruptors” Seth Godin’s Purple Cow Part 5: Not Weird, Irresistible

    Ask yourself, can I produce these outrageous results consistently?Is this who we are, or merely what we do? Because outrage can become “noise” real fast.

    Outrageous is not always cool: value, excellence and differentiation are always valued — it’s important to know the difference.   

    As part of Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals initial “Disruptor” series, we are looking at Purple Cow (2003 (Portfolio/Penguin) by Seth Godin. It’s our fourth installment from Purple Cow.   

    Rule 5: Outrageous is not always remarkable.   

    Too often, we do something for attention, without considering: okay, they’ve stopped to look and listen, now what: never realizing that the   

    Seth Godin's Purple Cow


    offering lacks the value proposition to hold their attention, and even less so, convert them into long-term users.   

    Promotions is not a business: a good business has well-developed promotions, and your promotions should be extension of the culture, message and brand identity you want to cultivate when you people hear about your enterprise, or when they are using your products and services.   

    Also, the level of outrageousness depends on your demographic: a firm selling skateboards and concert tickets might push the limit, while a financial firm will probably be more conservative. Lastly, ask yourself can I produce these outrageous results consistently: is it melded into the company culture and business model: is this who we are, or merely what we do, because outrage can become “noise” real fast.   

    Good Luck. Read the other parts of the Disruptors Purple Cow series: Part 1 – Why Purple?  
    Part 2 – The Non-Market Market
    Part 3 – Through people, Not Marketing  
    Part 4 – Ordinarily Remarkable
    Calvin Wilson
    Founder and CEO
    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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