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    Selling is a part of our natural being. It’s a survival trait for each of us. If no one sold anything, we would not progress as a society. Selling advances us, improves our lives, challenges us, and in many cases keeps us alive.

    “I Love Sales.” How many times have you heard this statement come from the mouth of a salesperson? I’m sure you have with some sales people…but not with the majority. Why is this? Why does the statement “I’m a sales person” still give off this negative connotation? Are we not past the terrible door-to-door salesman pitch or the infamous “vacuum cleaner salesman” stereotype?

    Okay, enough with the questions I’m trying to illustrate upfront that we should be totally past this negative view that ALL sales people are nefarious and unscrupulous. Quite frankly, we all sell everyday in our lives. Negotiating, persuading, convincing are behaviors we all engage in on a day-to-day basis to get what we want in a given situation.

    Dale Carnegie and others have captured the essence of selling in this very same way and that is “selling is a part of our natural being.” It’s a survival trait for each of us. If no one sold anything, we would not progress as a society…as a world. The sales transaction “advances us,” “improves our lives,” “challenges us,” and in many cases keeps us “alive.”

    Where I think the profession of selling went wrong is it became a focus of “survival” rather than a true focus of “helping.” The act of selling centuries ago was the behavior of sharing talents, gifts, and intellect to help in the common good. Later on, someone determined, “I can make a living out of this.” Notice the word “I” instead of “we.” The selling trade became a selfish act of “survival” to make a profit.

    Please do not misunderstand me. I’m not saying that making a profit through the sales process is wrong. On the contrary, commerce also helps us succeed as a society. However, I think what has happen is the “process” of selling has became one-sided. In other words the perceived benefit lies with the sales person and not with the customer. I have been and still to this day an advocate for re-visiting the act of “basic selling skills” training for ALL salespeople including the most tenured and successful sales people.

    You see, revisiting the basics of what was great about this wonderful craft will reinforce to the sales person that what they do for a living is highly respectable. More importantly, the perception from the customer will surely change. Selling will be seen as creating customer value.

    I love selling, I love the art of selling, I love everything about selling. You probably think I’m trying to sell you on selling; I am. As long as those who sell for a living have a “help” focus and truly try to “creating customer value,” the art and industry of selling will have a marked effect on the perception of selling among the masses.

    The next time you’re being sold to, keep these thoughts in mind. If the sales person doesn’t have your best interests at heart, send them over to me for “Basic Sales/Selling Skills Training.”

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    About the Author: Domestic/International Sales Management, Global Training/Product Marketing, and Project Management are a few key senior executive roles Andre' has held in his 24 years of professional experience. With a passion and opportunity to lead national and global sales teams, he has built and developed sales organizations that addressed untapped markets, conducted customer segmentations, and uncovered market intelligence to meet corporate objectives and goals. His leadership skills are broad with diverse positions that encompass building a sales organization from ground level, managing multi-million dollar budgets and leading numerous cross-functional teams. His skills and experience are all backed by a Green Belt Six Sigma certification. Visit his website at http://aharrell2000.wordpress.com.

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