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  • BP Cleaning Up: Not That Cleaning Up – The Other One (Video)

    It looks like not only will BP survive its own death: it will start to live well again.

    BP is cleaning up: no – not the spill that infected miles of Louisiana, Florida, Alabama  and Mississippi beaches, not to mention nearly crippling the American shrimping industry. BP is in the money again.

    That’s right: BP is cleaning up, because they are making money like the good old days. The first thing that tells me, which probably isn’t a good thing, and being stated by an entrepreneur, is that business always rules the day, and if you can survive a catastrophe, one of your own making – you might possibly have your own moment again — its the goal, yet still creepy.

    BP in the last twelve months had a $22 billion dollar turnaround. This time last year, they were looking at losses of $17 billion dollars, and just last quarter, they listed a $5 billion profit, and the company is profitable again: not bad for one-year’s work.

    You would have thought that the Gulf of  Mexico oil spill would have created long-term negative effect, both on the balance sheet and upon their brand image, but it did not, which tells you how incredibly resourced some multinational companies really are. Now that BP has written down most of its obligation, which stemmed from the oil spill, they have incredible opportunities around the world for exploration and drilling, so it looks like not only will BP survive its own death: it will start to live well again.

    Watch the Video: BP CEO, Bob Dudley, explain the company’s commitment going forward.

    Good Luck.

    Calvin Wilson
    Founder and CEO
    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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