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  • 10 Things You Can Do About Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

    What do you do about customers who progress through your sales funnel to the brink of completing the sale, then at the last moment abandon the cart, never to return?

    Shopping cart abandonment poses one of the most depressing problems of online marketing.

    What do you do about customers who progress through your sales funnel to the brink of completing the sale, and then at the last moment

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    abandon the cart and all its contents, never to return? Frustratingly for online marketers, there’s nothing you can do to eliminate abandoned shopping carts completely.

    But don’t despair. Here are ten things you can do to lower both your rate and your blood pressure.

    1. Eliminate bugs—No, not cockroaches. It’s the bugs in your shopping cart that will send visitors flying out the door. Make sure everything’s running smoothly, start to finish.
    2. Accommodate guests—Don’t require registration in order to check out. You could be losing customers over an email address.
    3. Be transparent about shipping rates—Allow shoppers to estimate their rates before they reach the checkout page or they may jump ship when they see the increase in the total cost.
    4. Provide security reassurances—Include security logos and links to your privacy policy at key points in the checkout process to alleviate fears about sharing a credit card number online.
    5. Simplify—If your checkout process is too long, you’ll lose some shoppers to frustration. Streamline the process as much as possible to keep shoppers on task.
    6. Create urgency—Offer one-day sales or first-time shopper offers to urge buyers to commit.
    7. Friendly forms for non-US customers – If you allow for puchases outside of the US, make sure that your checkout form not only accommodates foreign addresses and postal codes but is easy and obvious for non-US customers to complete.
    8. Include stock availability—If an item is out of stock, say so before the shopper adds it to his cart. Disappointment in losing a desired item may cause him to abandon other items as well.
    9. Provide various payment options—Don’t force customers to hand over their credit card numbers for every purchase. Allow payment by as many methods as you feasibly can in order to keep customers happy.
    10. Send reminders about abandoned carts—While this technically takes place after the cart has been abandoned, it’s still a way to regain some of that lost business. Even if you don’t have an email address, save the cart contents and remind customers about them if and when they return to your site.

    Shopping cart abandonment is a critical web analytic to monitor, but it doesn’t have to be debilitating. You can reduce your cart abandonment rate by making the checkout process as easy and enjoyable as possible. After all, happy shoppers lead to happy buyers.

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    About the Author: Marty Diamond is a conversion optimization specialist. She shows small businesses how to get more leads and sales from their website’s existing traffic. Find out more about Marty at DiamondWebsiteConversion.com . You can also connect with her on Google Plus at +martydiamond.

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