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  • Steve Jobs: “No” To Cell-Phone Radiation App

    Tawkon has been trying to get its application measuring mobile devices’ radiation levels —long a concern to those of us who glue a mobile device to our head—into Apple’s App Store.

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    How much radiation does your iPhone emit? Steve Jobs has “no interest” in an application claiming to measure just that.

    Steve Jobs has “no interest” in helping you know how big a dose of radiation you’re getting from his iPhones.

    How do we know? He said so, in just those words.

    Startup Tawkon has been trying to get its application measuring radiation levels emanating from mobile devices—long at least a concern to those of us who glue a mobile to our head with any regularity—into Apple’s App Store. After all, that’s the place where you get such things as, well, applications that let you play Angry Birds and other useful whizbangery.

    The tawkon app is available at the company’s website, and on application stores like Mobihand. But of course Apple’s App Store is so much the big kahuna that Apple claims the name “App Store” is just for Apple.

    And tawkon claims in a blog post that its app can help people avoid danger with a capital “C” for cancer:

    Regardless of how concerned an individual is with risks caused by cell-phone radiation, there is enough scientific findings to justify taking precautionary measures, especially for people (and their kids) who use their phone a lot, with many years of cumulative exposure.

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