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  • 25 Easy Ways To Fine Tune Your Freelancing Business

    Decide on a niche. I made more money and got a ton of clients after I put myself into two niches: working with freelancers and agencies only and only doing HTML, CSS and WordPress work.

    Upstart: Startup/Entrepreneur

    One of the things about freelancing that’s both helpful and harmful, is that once you get the business going, it pretty much runs itself. Once you’ve

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    gone over that first hump of finding those first few clients, if you provide great service and work, you often don’t even need to advertise or look for clients much.

    While this is great and allows you to focus on working instead of doing the boring business stuff, it can also be harmful if you continue to let the business run itself for a long length of time. You could end up working on projects you hate, with clients you despise, twenty four hours and seven days a week.

    How to Improve Your Freelancing Business

    Now I may not know you personally, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t start freelancing so you could hate yourself and everything you do, did you? Just like a car, your business needs a bit of maintenance and fine tuning every once in awhile to keep it running smoothly and going in the direction you’re aiming for.

    Here are 25 ways you can fine-tune your business, most of which don’t take much extra work at all!

    1. Raise your rates to match your experience. If you know you’re doing great work, charge for it. Aim for three digits.
    2. Move away from trouble clients. Stop taking their work, even if you “need” them to survive. There are other clients out there that will treat you better and pay you more for it too.
    3. Take a business day. Assess where your freelance business is going and where it should be going. Take steps to correct your course if you’re off.
    4. Decide on a niche. I started making a lot more money and got a ton of clients after I decided to put myself into two niches: working with freelancers and agencies only and only doing HTML, CSS and WordPress work. Find out what part of the process you really enjoy and only do that kind of work.
    5. Partner with others. After you’ve niched yourself, you’ll still have some clients that don’t understand that you only design and don’t code, or you only code and don’t design. Partner with some freelancers so you guys can pass each other the work you don’t do.
    6. Check the moolah. Every couple of months you should stop working and check out how much money you’ve made in the year so far. It can be a great motivator – either you’ve made more money than you thought you would and you keep on working, or you’re making less than you wanted so you work harder. Better to find out now than to wait till the end of the year when you can’t do anything about it.
    7. Get out. Watch someone else run their business. Are there things they do better that you? Are there new things you can teach them?

    Check out all 25 tips:


    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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