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  • Should You Take That Offer?

    If you recently launched a business to dodge unemployment: – should you continue growing your start-up or go back to earning a steady paycheck – a life altering decision?

    Upstart: Career

    Courtesy: Andrejs Pidjass/PhotoXpress

    A year ago, a headhunter invited Kevin Dinino to interview for a job similar to the executive position he had gotten laid off from in early 2009. But he passed on the opportunity — as well as two more interview invites he received earlier this year.

    After getting downsized, Mr. Dinino, 32 years old, launched his own business, KCD Public Relations in San Diego. Though he spent the first year making just 60% of his previous salary, he’s now earning about the same as he did before, and says he’s too smitten with entrepreneurship to ever work for someone else again.

    If you take a job while building a start-up, keep in mind that you could lose it should you let the two gigs overlap.

    “I’m the decision maker,” he says. “I don’t have to take orders anymore.”

    If you recently launched a business to dodge unemployment, the thawing job market may be creating a sticky situation: Should you continue growing your start-up or go back to earning a steady paycheck?

    J.T. O’Donnell, a career coach in Hampton, N.H., says that even if a business is performing poorly, it can be difficult for many entrepreneurs to call it quits and take a job. “You get a taste of being in charge and that shifts you,” she says.

    Mr. Dinino says he survived on savings and severance pay in the early days. But if you lack a similar safety net and are struggling to make ends meet, you don’t necessarily need to put your start-up to bed. You may be able to juggle both.

    “Take some of the money you’re making with that new salary and fund your business,” Ms. O’Donnell says.

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