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  • Company Sites Beat Online Job Boards And Social Media

    Someone browsing a job board may find jobs he thinks he has a shot at. Someone looking at a specific company’s site likely has more relevant experience.

    Upstart: Career

    To make one hire, recruiters wade through more than six times as many applications from job boards than they do from their own websites, according to an analysis of hiring data by Jobs2web Inc., which helps companies track the sources of applicants and hires.

    According to the analysis, companies look through about 219 applications per job from job seekers who discovered the posting on a major board, such as Monster.com or CareerBuilder.com, before finding someone to hire, compared with 33 applications per hire from job hunters who find the job on the company’s own career site and 32 per hire when a job seeker types the job they are looking for into a search engine.

    Someone who is browsing on a job board might bump into many jobs that he thinks he might have an outside shot of getting, said Jobs2web chief financial officer Steve Shaffer.

    On the other hand, someone who searches for a specific job on a search engine or decides to look at a certain company’s website probably has more relevant experience, he said.

    “The fewer applicants you need to go through, the better,” he said.

    There were about 116 applicants from social-media sites, like Facebook.com and Linkedin.com, for every one that was hired.

    Even though job boards are more crowded, they remain a major source of hiring for many firms, noted Gerry Crispin, co-founder of CareerXroads Inc., a consulting firm. A January CareerXroads study found that about 25% of hires of external candidates came through job boards.

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