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  • How Burberry Leveraged Savvy Management To Hot Sales

    So how exactly is Burberry’s management tiptoeing through the tulips?

    Upstart: Gamechangers

    Burberry Group, the U.K.’s largest luxury company (think distinctive camel and black plaid on everything from cashmere scarves to umbrellas) has been beating the stuffing out of the recession, a time when many luxury brands saw customers turn from fashionista to frugalista overnight.

    London-based Burberry’s still climbing, posting a second-quarter sales gain of 11.3 percent to £382 million, and charging ahead with global expansion plans and e-commerce improvements.

    So how exactly is Burberry’s management tiptoeing through the tulips (stock has risen nearly 90 percent over the last 12 months) while others are slogging through the muck of inventory and declines in profits? Read on:

    Strong Leadership

    CEO Angela Ahrendts may not be British, or even possess a high fashion American pedigree. But the woman from a small town in Indiana did her time (30 years) in the retail trenches through Warnaco, Donna Karan (where she was president in the mid-1990s), and Liz Claiborne. She joined Burberry in 2006, just in time to commandeer the company through a radical brand makeover.

    The signature fabric was being widely reproduced illegally, and adopted by the likes of Britain’s troublemaking soccer fans, or “chavs,” and by B-list celebrities (who piled on the plaid for paparazzi photos).

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    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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