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  • How To Avoid Spending $100,000 (Or More) On A Credential You Don’t Really Need

    Wisdom says that no price is too high to pay for a “good education.” This wisdom is dead wrong.

    Upstart: Career

    Yesterday, while flipping channels at 2 in the afternoon, I realized something: “The Real Housewives of Orange County” was playing on not one, but TWO channels at the same time. Two different episodes, at once. Is this heaven?

    Besides that show, and Jersey Shore, one of my other odd loves is reading online articles about education (see my bookmarks about education.) In fact, wade into virtually any online discussion about education, and you’ll quickly notice the following beliefs:

    • Majoring in English or psychology is useless. Study the hard sciences
    • Anyone who spends $50,000/year for a college education is a fool
    • “Elite” colleges are simply for rich kids whose daddies got them in, and they coast until they get their 6-figure job
    • Do anything possible to graduate without debt! Better to go to that state school than the expensive school!

    Unfortunately, each of those above “beliefs” — which are usually presented as fact — is wrong.

    Yet online commenters have been increasingly vocal about pushing these beliefs, spreading them until the point where they seem almost axiomatic.

    And yet, today we have an incredibly detailed and persuasive guest post from someone who disagrees with me.

    Someone who thinks that many universities — even elite schools — are a waste of money.

    Someone who argues that you can do the most important part of education on your own.

    And someone who shows us that, even if you’ve graduated, it’s critically important to understand how we make our educational choices, because they reveal so much about our invisible scripts, or the hidden choices we make — often without even knowing them.

    Read more

    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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