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  • Sly As A Fox

    Breakthrough business and marketing ideas from a real-life rocket scientist.

    Upstart: Gamechanger

    What’s the one thing that you want to do that seems impossible?

    What’s really standing in your way?

    Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking with Mark Fox, CEO of Sly As A Fox, former Chief Engineer on the Space Shuttle Program, author of Da Vinci and the 40 Answers, and one of the world’s leading authorities on practical creative thinking techniques.

    Believe me when I tell you, he’s an expert at helping people achieve the seemingly impossible in their personal and professional lives.

    During our 35-minute conversation, we discussed:

    • why “common sense” is wrong 100% of the time
    • the absolute best way to have a great idea
    • what your real estate agent knows that will help you come up with breakthrough ideas
    • how to be creative on purpose instead of accidentally
    • the #1 limit most people impose on themselves that inhibits creativity and growth

    Listen to the Interview

    Upstart: Business and Management for 20-40 Year Old Professionals

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    About the Author: Donnie Bryant is a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant. He specializes in improving businesses' sales and profitability by creating compelling marketing messages and strategies. Find out more about Donnie at http://donnie-bryant.com. You can also follow him on Twitter at @donniebryant and connect with him on Google Plus at +donniebryant.

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