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    The key business/career fulfillment is to place total focus on several key ingredients and to practice, nurture and return to each whenever in doubt, scuffling or complaining.

    Upstart — Startup/Entreprenur

    Owning a business is a beautiful thing; a thing done quite often, not for riches, but to fulfill a dream or carry out a passion for doing something. Work viewed in this fashion embodies the qualities of a craft: skill, passion, knowledge, pride, and ownership.

    Yet this expression is so easily silenced in the rush of business life. We don’t even feel it coming making the loss even more painful as it goes largely unobserved.

    I meet business owners, employers and employees all over the globe that tell me that their work is sucking the life out of them and they wonder how it’s happened and what to do get it back.

    For most the answer is pretty simple – it’s all about commitment. For a business to truly serve one’s life I believe you must identify and make a strong commitment to what you want out of life and how this business will ultimately aid that.

    But a commitment alone isn’t enough to sustain, you also must practice and feed the elements of your commitment that allow you to advance in your craft towards some sort of mastery. Buying into talk about a recession or spending silly amounts of time on Twitter will derail your craft as surely as a misguided product launch.

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    About the Author: John Jantsch has been called the "world’s most practical small business expert." Jantsch is a marketing consultant, award winning social media publisher and best selling author Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine .

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