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  • Micromanaging Boss? Push Back Politely

    He thinks he’s providing invaluable training and guidance, but with the boss always around, you hardly feel like you can get in stride and perform at your peak.

    Micromanaging bosses are a common complaint in the business world and even more of a problem for career starters with little experience. Sure, your boss might think he’s providing invaluable training and guidance to the office newbie, but with the big cheese hovering around all the time, you hardly feel like you can get in stride and perform at your peak. Plus, it’s insulting that he thinks you need babysitting in order to get the job done properly. But you can’t just tell him to go away, can you?

    Perhaps expressing your aggravation to your boss isn’t a good option, but their are constructive ways to push back and give yourself some space to work at your own pace, according to blog Escape Velocity. The post, written by Chris Garrett, says you should first attempt to get inside the micromanaging boss’s mind and see the situation from his perspective. When bosses are being intrusive, Garrett notes, usually,

    There is no sense of manipulation or malice behind things, they just do what makes sense at the time. Intentional or not, it makes you uneasy and uncomfortable when it is happening to you. I have been caught out a lot lately by what Pace and Kyeli brilliantly call the Usual Error. This is both as the person making the error and on the receiving end.

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