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  • Is Your Company Culture Killing Your Business?

    Have you done enough culture planning? Here are five must-dos to make sure you get it right.

    Your company culture is as important as your business plan. In fact, it should be part of your business plan. Culture becomes your mission statement in action — the mix of values, practices, and philosophies that both your employees and customers remember when they think of your business.

    If you get the culture right, you get your business right. The online retail giant Zappos is the ultimate example. CEO Tony Hsieh focused every aspect of the company — everything from how he hired new employees to the way that he rewarded them — on customer service from day one and that’s what the company became known for and why it became such a hugely successful online retailer.

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    About the Author: Kimberly Fowler is founder/CEO of YAS Fitness Centers, a growing chain of yoga and indoor cycling facilities. A motivational/business/fitness expert, Kimberly's a former pro triathlete and lawyer.

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